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About Me



About Me


My email address is free to reach out if you have questions about my work or a project you want to talk about! 



As a kid I loved taking photos with cheap film cameras, but I didn't do it for artistic reasons; I wanted to remember the things that mattered to me.

I remember being young and putting on my favorite music and sitting on my bedroom floor looking through little photo albums I'd made of our trips to Disney World, or of just random stuff in my room that I liked. 

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Even now I still do photography more for me than for anyone else...I just find a lot of joy in it.

This may suprise some people, but I take tons of photos that I don't share anywhere!

For Christmas of 2009 my wife and I received a Nikon D3000 for Christmas, with the two kit lenses. We didn't know it at the time, but that gift would transform the rest of our lives! It snowballed into not only a profession but into a lifestyle, and led to the work you see on this site today.

We started a photo/video company in June of 2010 with Karissa primarily doing photography and me primarily doing video, and we'd be each other's second shooters.

We did mostly weddings, and Karissa would do families, seniors, and newborns. It's really amazing to be able to not only share this part of my life with my wife, but to have her fully understand it and have her own voice and perspective in it. She's very talented, and all my work gets run past her for her feedback.

In October of 2016 we welcomed Scarlett Faith to the world! Holy cow, she is amazing.


My sentimentality seems to drive much of my content and my style. I love people and I love finding the things that unify us, the things that make us relate to each other. I also love symmetry and minimalism as simple little aesthetic joys.

Ultimately I feel that my calling in life is to inform and inspire people with my work. I want to tell stories, and share them in a way that makes the viewer feel a connection to the subjects. Maybe another way to say it is that I want people to feel a little more human after seeing my work.

Anyway...thanks for stopping by my page. :)

- Cameron