This little trip wasn't even supposed to have happened.

My friend Brad and I had done a video shoot in Boston and were supposed to fly out of Hartford, but due to flights getting altered we ended up heading back to fly out of Boston and had three hours to spend.

Never one to miss an opportunity for even a small adventure, Brad asked the lady at the ticket counter what she would do if she had three hours to kill at the airport. She said that she'd take a shuttle to the harbor, and take a boat across the harbor and enjoy the scenery.

So that's exactly what we did.

I briefly commandeered the small vessell before I was overthrown by both the real driver and my keen awareness of the fact that I had no idea how to drive a boat.

It was an amazing little boat ride.

There were only two or three other riders on the boat in addition to the driver, and they stayed inside the sheltered cabin area, so it felt like we were having our own experience out on the front of the boat.

We took advantage of that by doing silly things like renacting the "I'm the king of the world" scene from Titanic. We did it as a joke but it was actually a pretty incredible moment for me. It was a moment of blissful peace during a pretty hectic time in my life.

This was one of my favorite photos of me from 2014.

I'm so grateful that Brad took it. I was really enjoying the moment of pulling into this harbor at sunset, and this photo always takes me right back to that moment and that feeling.

We walked around a bit and found these fun fountains and quickly decided that we had to run through them, despite the fact that it was a chilly October evening.

We did run through them, and I don't regret it.

We were only there for maybe 45 minutes before we had to head back to the boat, to get back on the shuttle, to get back to the airport to catch our flight.

We picked the best 45 minutes of that day to be there!

This final shot was a lot of trial and error, trying to use a lower shutter speed on a bumpy boat. I didn't want to boost the ISO too high so I was set on trying to pull off a low shutter speed shot. I thought that if I kept shooting and timed it just right I could maybe pull off a shot or two. I had to shoot wide open so the sharpness leaves something to be desired, but I'm glad I ended up with a visual end to our story.

This little trip that wasn't even supposed to happen ended up being one of the most scenic and peaceful memories of 2014. It made me grateful for Brad's thirst for new experiences, and grateful for my practice of not checking my camera and lenses, choosing to always keep them with me just in case such an opportunity as this should come up!