For our second annual trip to the State Fair, I had some goals.

One was to get adorable shots of my friends and their daughters, and two was to get some photos of the rides with the sunset as a backdrop. And I guess three was to make sure I had a funnel cake.

First things first--when we got there we were all hungry, so we got fair food. It was delicious.

We were a little bit like the Slinky Dog character from Toy Story, where sometimes as a group we'd stretch out really far from one end to the other without never quite getting separated. This was one moment where we had to stop and see where the girls were. We weren't sure if we were ahead or behind.

Karissa was super pumped to find Lennon and Maisy (featured on the show "Nashville") playing on the free stage, and I was super pumped to see Karissa so happy!

This was great. The shot on the left is of Brad calling Scooterdogg after seeing his shirt that apparently encouraged people to contact him. The shot on the right is of Brad catching up to him to let him know that the number is disconnected. It was all a very Brad thing to encounter with strangers is awkward for him. I wonder what he'd have said if Scooterdogg had answered? Lol

These are my favorite of the ride photos. It's such a simple and joyful ride, and I love being able to see people's faces and body language as they forget everything in the world for a minute or so and just enjoy the amazing feeling of flying through the air.

This is the one ride I want to improve on next year...I wish I'd worked harder to make sure my focus was accurate on the farther away shots. I was also timid about shooting right at people but the few times I did it people smiled and laughed at me and didn't seem bothered, so I'm going to be more intentional next year about trying to capture the looks on their faces.

I love that it worked out that we were by the main strip of rides for dusk, because I really like seeing the ride lights on while blue hour is happening.

Towards the end of the night I realized that I hadn't taken many shots of other people. I think I'd been self-conscious all evening that people didn't want their photos taken, but I realized that no one had shown any signs of being bothered by me and my camera--not even when I had my bigger 70-200 lens on. So again, something for next year. More people shots.

And then it was time to go home. We had great weather, great food, and a great time. And yes, I got my funnel cake.

See you next year, State Fair.