This reel is a collection of my favorite shots, from a purely visual standpoint.

According to my Vimeo pages (personalbusiness, and Genesis Church), I produced about 119 videos in 2016...but the reel doesn't span all of my work in 2016 as I chose not to include interview or announcement video (Genesis) footage, which accounted for a lot of my videos.

Those talking head shots aren't as fun to look at, so I just picked shots that I like to look at...shots that I felt were cinematic in some way. I also excluded a lot of personal memories shots since I'll make a separate video for our family's 2016 Annual Recap video.

At the beginning of 2016 I had grown frustrated with the bit depth (and rate) and limited dynamic range of the Nikon D750, and my passion for video was slipping a little bit because I was consistently desiring more from the footage. While they're good video cameras, DSLRs just aren't designed to be great video cameras, and I felt like I was knocking on the ceiling of what they were capable of. 

In May I finally got my first Blackmagic camera, the Ursa Mini 4.6k, and the dynamic range and ergonomics of that camera propelled me into an even deeper love of videography.

People love to say that it's not about the camera, and it's true, the camera won't make you a good artist...but the camera definitely matters. It was a significant investment, and I took on an additional university project to pay for it...but looking back I can now say that it was the right move for me.  

Around the same time Instagram expanded their video time limit to 1 minute, which was the perfect length for short, experimental shoots and edits. I found this to be an exciting, low-pressure little outlet for my opportunistic bursts of creativity. 

I also discovered Soundstripe, which removed the barrier of music production/selection from my work. It was a cheap, fun, high-quality solution, and it enabled me to crank out my experimental edits with ease...which encouraged me to keep shooting because I knew my footage and workflow weren't going to get bottlenecked.   

My biggest take-away from watching the footage, in terms of improvement, is that I need a lot of work on sound capture and design.

A lot of these shots would have benefited from great audio, but it just wasn't a priority for me. That needs to change in 2017! 

I also would call 2016 "Cameron's Year Of Handheld Footage", because that was something I was so excited to do with the bigger, heavier Ursa Mini. I may have overdone it, but I think I needed to in order to learn more about that style...and I still have a lot to learn yet.

Altogether though, from a video standpoint, I'll remember this as a year when my resources and passion took a big leap forward. I'm super grateful for the gear I've acquired and I want to steward all those resources the best that I can, always looking to lift others up and help people feel understood...and ultimately, hoping to leave people feeling informed and inspired. 

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