I had been once, in 4th grade, but all I remember about that trip was a classmate spitting into the air and down on me and convincing me that it was beginning to rain. So, yeah! I basically was discovering the Indianapolis zoo for the first time, which is kind of a shame since I've lived within an hour of it my whole life. 

Enhancing the trip was the fact that we were taking our increasingly extroverted 8-month-old daughter, as well as all three of my wife's siblings. 

I thought about taking our 70-200mm but didn't want to be that guy pretending that he was on some epic safari or something...and then as soon as we got there I immediately regretted not bringing it. haha...I had taken our 24-70 and our 85mm f/1.8, and ended up shooting with the 85 99% of the time because of its longer focal length, and because it's my favorite walk-around lens.

I didn't take a ton of photos, but I did end up with a handful that I really loved. I was surprised by how many african and exotic animals they had. The lions and tigers were asleep, so they weren't as photogenic. Maybe next time!