Favorite Ten Photos

Mostly wide exteriors and then a random orangutan! I just liked the way he was lit.

I didn't take near as many photos this year as I have in years past, having spent the year somewhat reclusively and just spending time with my wife and daughter. That partially explains why two of the photos are iPhone 6s photos, but that's also due to the fact that the iPhone is a darned good camera that's always with you.

I missed taking portraits and I'm hoping to do more of that again in 2018, but I also love the blue hour exteriors I was able to get in 2017. 

And, to be fair, one of these photos was taken by my wife. You can probably figure out which one.


Favorite Ten Scarlett Photos

This was tough! She's so cute, every photo of her is pretty good. Even if it's blurry and poorly composed.

I tried to pick ones that felt more lifestylish since those are the photos that I like best. Same as above, there's one photo that I didn't take and it will be obvious which one.

She brought us so much joy in 2017, and I'm so grateful that we have photos and videos to remember this year by. 

Favorite Ten Film Frames

My favorite composition trends in 2017, which will probably continue in 2018: silhouettes (always), frame-within-a-frame, and wide-angles with kids to immerse into their world.